About Us

ClashAR is the world’s first action Augmented Reality (AR) PVP game.

It was created by a passionate group of AR and gaming veterans from Snaappy (www.snaappy.com), a true AR company. We really believe in digital-human interaction for connecting and entertaining people.

Are you interested in our full story? Well, here it is:

Welcome to the Snaappy galaxy! Our galaxy consists of nine planets rotating around the sun, which is filling the planets with space energy.

There are many fairy tales and legends about this distant galaxy since the beginning of mankind. Adventurers and fighters from all over the world have come here to test their skills in special intergalactic fighting games, trying to prove they are the best ones. The top fighters are still walking here, on earth around us (you might have seen them wandering the streets without even knowing that), but unfortunately most of them didn’t make it back to earth. The ones who do survive, are constantly training, upgrading their skills, acquiring new equipment, and getting ready for their next chance to defend their title. Having felt intoxicating space energy power, the best ones always keep on coming back for more...

Not only warriors were coming to this galaxy to test their limits, but also travellers from all over the world, hoping to watch the almighty warriors performing the newest tricks to subdue their opponents. Everyone crowded in one small arena to feel the force, how it spreads inside their body, how it fills its owner with space energy. The force was so powerful that the warriors were afraid to handle it themselves, so they started searching for the ancient Snaappy clans wisdom. Nobody except them knows better how to consume and control space energy. But Snaappy masters didn’t share their knowledges with everyone. Only the true heroes could obtain the power to control the force.

Our 3D AR game is in Beta and will have frequent updates, new features and improvements constantly. So please be patient with us and enjoy the game. We appreciate any feedback you might have, just drop us a line to support@snaappy.com.

One last thing (we promise), Clash AR is an online game which requires stable internet connection and an AR enabled device (ARCore on android and ARKit on ios). You can check if your phone is AR enabled using the following links:

Android - https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices.

iOS - https://www.apple.com/lae/ios/augmented-reality/.

LET the games begin...